What is the difference between event hotel and itinerary hotel?

There are two types of hotel segments in WorkTrip™. These are "Event hotel segments" and "Travel hotel segments".

Event hotel segment
Travel hotel segment
  • Only the Organizer can assign it to the Attendee.
  • Both the Organizer and the Attendee can create it.
  • It must be added from the organization hotels.
  • It can be created from the event My Travel and global My Travel.
  • It is controlled by the Organizer.
  • It is controlled by whoever creates it but the attendee can always edit it.
  • If the event is deleted, the event hotel will also be deleted.
  • It can be created without an event.
  • The Attendee can only edit it through change request.
  • The Attendee can edit it at any time.
  • It cannot be imported from Concur.
  • It can be imported from Concur.
  • It can only be deleted by the event organizer.
  • If the event is deleted, the hotel segment will not be deleted.

How do I add a hotel to my event?

How do I create a travel hotel segment?

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