How do I manage my event attendees?

As the organizer of an event, there are a couple things that you need to understand to help you better manage your event attendees.

Attendees Page

1. This is the attendee filter. You can filter for everyone, unregistered attendees, attendees that need a hotel and people that are not attending.

2. This is the attendee count. It will display the number of people that you have invited to your event.

  • People who are not attending will not be included in the count.

3. This is the attendee status. You will see the attendees profile picture and name. You will also see their event status.

  • When an attendee has not registered, they will have the "Unregistered" text underneath their name.
  • If the attendee registered and provided notes, they will have a "Notes" button underneath their name. Click this button to view their notes.

4. This is the event attendance. This will show if a person is attending and when they are attending.

  • People that are not attending will have the "Not Attending" text.

5. This is the event hotel. This will show if a person needs a hotel reservation, if they have been assigned a hotel and what hotel they have been assigned.

  • If a person has not registered and has not been assigned a hotel, they will have the "No Reservation" text.
  • If a person has registered and has not been assigned a hotel, they will either have the "Requires Hotel - Yes" text if they need a hotel reservation or the "Requires Hotel - No" text if they do not need a hotel reservation.

6. This is the transportation. This will show if a person is arriving at the event by driving or by flying.

  • If the person has created a flight travel segment, it will be displayed here.

7. You can invite people to your event with this button. It will take you to the invitation creation page.

Menu Buttons:  The buttons will that a person will have will be determined by their attendee status, event attendance and event hotel status.

1. Attendee has not registered and no hotel has been assigned

2. Attendee has registered and no hotel has been assigned

3. Attendee has registered and a hotel has been assigned

4. Attendee has said that they are not attending the event