Understanding My Travel

Understanding how travel segments are displayed can help clear some confusion around them. The list below explains some important details about how travel segments work.

1. If a travel segment is created in the global My Travel, it will only be displayed in an event if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is within a 50 mile radius of the event. (If the event has no address, then this criteria will not be applicable.)
  • It occurs no more than 7 days before the event starts.
  • It occurs no later than 7 days after the event ends.

2. If an attendee creates a travel segment in the event My Travel, the segment will always be displayed in that event, no matter when or where it occurs.

3. If an attendee creates a travel segment, an organizer cannot edit or delete it.

4. If an organizer creates a travel segment for an attendee, both the organizer and the attendee can edit and delete it.

5. A single travel segment can be displayed under multiple events if it meets the 3 criteria for the events.

6. If an attendee declines an invitation, is removed from the event or the event is deleted, none of the attendee's travel segments will be deleted except for the event hotel that was assigned by the organizer.