What roles exist within WorkTrip?

There are two types of roles in the app, Event roles and User roles.  A person with a WorkTrip account can have multiple roles within WorkTrip.  For example, an Organizer can also be an Attendee and an Event Planner can also be a Travel Manager.

Event Roles

1. Organizer

  • The creator of the event
  • Can also be assigned to manage the event.
  • Has complete control over managing the event.
  • Cannot remove themselves from an event but can be removed by other organizers.

2. Attendee

  • A person invited to attend an event.
  • Can post comments, create personal travel itinerary and create change requests.

3. Viewer

  • Has complete view of the event.
  • Is not considered an attendee but can post, like and reply to comments in the feed.

4. Contact

  • Will be listed as a contact for the event.
  • Will not receive notifications from the event.
  • People assigned to the event will be able to reach out to this person for assistance.

User Roles

1. General user

  • Can attend events and manage their travel.
  • Can edit their own profile accounts.
  • Create and edit hotels.

2. Business administrator

  • Manage user accounts.
  • Can assign user roles to people.
  • Create custom user and event fields.
  • Edit and manage organization details.
  • Create, manage, and assign organization divisions.

3. Risk Manager

  • Can view the flight travel of every user.
  • Monitors the travel risk of locations as determined by the State Department.

4. Event Planner

  • The only user role that can create and duplicate events.
  • The only user role that can create personal groups.

5. Travel Manager

  • The only user role that can see and edit attendee travel segments on an event, so long as they are an event organizer and created the travel segment for the attendee. If the attendee created the travel segment for themselves, the Travel Manager will only be able to view the travel segments and cannot edit the segments.