What is a task?

A task is a feature that allows you to create notes and goals within the WorkTrip app. Tasks can be personal or can be assigned to an event. They can be shared with others, have due dates with reminders and you can even attach documents and post comments to them. There are two ways to create tasks:

  • Create a task in an event
    • This will automatically assign the task to the event.
    • Only tasks that are assigned to the specific event will be visible on the event.
    • Event users will not see the task unless they are assigned to it as owners.
    • Anyone assigned to the event (attendees, organizers, viewers) can create their own tasks on the event.
    • Guest users who are not associated with your organization will not have access to tasks and cannot be added as owners on a task.
    • If the event is deleted, the task will also be deleted.
  • Create a task in the global view
    • A task created in the global view will automatically be designated as a personal task.
    • You can assign a task to any event from the global view.
    • All tasks that you create or are assigned to will be displayed in the global view.
  • Both the global task list and event task lists are filterable. They can be filtered by the following properties:
    • Priority (high, medium, low)
    • Status (open, in progress, closed)
    • Type (assigned to me, I created)