1. Go to the Events tab.
  2. Click on the event you want to add your travel details to. 
  3. In the attendee travel details box, click View/Edit
  4. Click Add Travel Segment.
  5. Select Flight from the travel segments list.
  6. Complete the form fields. All fields are optional unless otherwise stated.
  7. Click Create.


Form Fields

  1. Enter a confirmation number.
    • This can also be a tracking number.
  2. Enter a flight number. [Required]
  3. Provide an airline name.
  4. Select a departure airport. [Required]
  5. Select a departure date and time. [Required]
  6. Select an arrival airport. [Required]
  7. Select an arrival date and time. [Required]
  8. The departure and arrival time zones will automatically match the departure and arrival airport locations.
  9. Provide additional notes.
    • This can include gate number, boarding zone, class, etc.