June 23, 2017



  • Itinerary fields now match the requirements in the document.
  • In hotel itinerary, "This is the hotel I will be staying in" function is saved if the checkbox is clicked.
  • In hotel itinerary, the two checkboxes are not enabled by default.
  • Address in hotels list is formatted properly.
  • All day events no longer show up in past events list.
  • "Send missing event detail notification" button has been put back in the event detail page.
  • Profile photo upload works properly.
  • Both start and end date pickers will not appear at the same time. When one is selected, the other will collapse.
  • All notifications are being sent and work properly.
  • New user activation works properly.
  • The "Disable" function works properly for users and events.


Improvements & Changes

  • Every agenda now has an export button.
  • Role badges match the requirements in the document.
  • User Tracking in Beta has been implemented.
  • "Agenda entry" is now "Agenda item".
  • When a user logs out of the app, their device is unregistered.
  • “Location name” and “location address” are now optional for events and agendas.