June 23, 2017



  • Tenant Administrator can create custom form fields.
  • Navigation bar is always visible now.
  • Hotel pages load properly on all browsers.
  • Padding in notifications list is consistent.
  • Assigning hotels works properly.
  • Partial text searching works properly.
  • "Send missing event detail notification" button has been put back in the event detail page.
  • Users with "Visibility" to an event see the correct event details.
  • Search box in modals now have text indicating that they are search boxes.
  • The navigation button on the “Groups” page that leads back to "People" page is working.
  • The "Like" feature in feed comments works properly.
  • Search feature works properly on all pages.
  • Users are no longer logged out when creating agenda items.
  • Creating/editing a user, event or hotel automatically reloads the list view.
  • All notifications are being sent and work properly.
  • New user activation works properly.
  • The "Disable" function works properly for users and events.


Improvements & Changes

  • "Mark all as read" and "Delete all" buttons have been added to the notifications page.
  • "Location name" and "location address" are now optional for events and agendas.
  • Document type label has been added to documents list.
  • Attendees receive a notification when a hotel in their itinerary has been removed.