We assign badges that indicate what role you have within the app and within an event. There are two types of badges, User badges and Event badges. 

The user badges are assigned to your account. These badges are assigned by the Business Administrator (except for the TA badge which can only be assigned by the Tenant Administrator). 

The event badges are assigned when an event is created. The creator of the event is automatically assigned an organizer badge and they can assign the rest of the event badges. 

While user badges are a bit more stable, event badges will change on a regular basis, depending on what role you will have in the event.


User badges: These badges appear on the People tab.

The Business Administrator will have this badge.

The Event Planner will have this badge.

The Tenant Administrator will have this badge.

 The Interface User will have this badge. 

        The General User has no assigned badge.


Event badges: These badges appear on the Events tab.

Event attendee: People attending the event.

Event organizer: People who create events or are assigned to organize events.

Event Viewer: People who have been granted visibility to an event.

        The Event Contact has no assigned badge.