July 14, 2017



  • For SSO accounts, if the email that you use to sign into the WorkTrip™ app and the email that you use to sign into the ADFS site do not match, you will be returned to the sign in page.
  • Time zone no longer accepts null values.
  • Adding text and images to the feed works fine.
  • The search list will provide solutions even if you enter two separate words.


Improvements & Changes

  • Legal message has been added to the sign in page.
  • In travel details, the “Add itinerary" button now reads "Add segment".
  • For an event or agenda, if you change the start date to after the end date the end date will automatically update to the same day as the start date.
  • The "Send message to attendees" and "Send missing event detail notification" buttons will not show up if an event is unpublished or if it does not have attendees.
  • Notifications now have icons.
  • In the feed, there will be an indication if a comment has replies.
  • You can add only an image to a comment.
  • The "Help" button now directs to the support site.
  • For the app store release, the tenant self-check feature will indicate if the tenant exists. If not, you will be directed to worktrip.com.
  • The app will send a device registration request to the API if the user re-enables push notifications.