July 14, 2017



  • For SSO accounts, if the email that you use to sign into the WorkTrip™ app and the email that you use to sign into the ADFS site do not match, you will be returned to the sign in page.
  • Creating user accounts works properly.
  • Hotel creation works properly.
  • Event creation works properly.
  • For events, adding users by groups works properly.
  • When adding a hotel to an event, the hotel thumbnail will show up when the hotel is selected.
  • For events, the number of attendees is displayed accurately.
  • Location address works properly on the event edit page.
  • When creating an agenda item, the location address works properly.
  • Auto save works in agenda item.
  • Deleting comments in the feed works properly.
  • In the feed, the "Like" button updates immediately when clicked.
  • The comment fields show correct text count.
  • The search strings work properly.
  • The search list will provide solutions even if you enter two separate words.
  • The search field is visible and works properly.
  • Auto-populate in address field has been disabled.
  • Time zone no longer accepts null values.
  • Comment and image boxes refresh when opened. This means that when you click “Add comment” or “Upload image”, the box that appears will not contain content from the previous comment or image.


Improvements & Changes

  • When creating or editing, required fields will be highlighted if left blank.
  • The "Send message to attendees" and "Send missing event detail notification" buttons will not show up if an event is unpublished or if it does not have attendees.
  • On the change request box, EP notes are now optional.
  • Disabled accounts will still show up in attendee lists but they will be marked as disabled.
  • You can add only an image to a comment.
  • The help (?) link now directs to the support site.
  • Alternative time zone names have been added.
  • Address search fields now use the new address endpoints.
  • You can now enter an address that does not appear in the search list.
  • Document upload size limit has been increased from 3MB to 10MB.