July 26, 2017



  • The app no longer crashes when you delete an event.
  • You can now create an agenda item with the same start and end dates.
  • In travel segments, when you are creating a hotel itinerary the time zone field will automatically match the time zone of whatever hotel was entered.


Improvements & Changes

  • Features in the app have been updated to meet new requirements. This includes the following:
    • Flow: This means that when you create/edit something in one part of the app, the change will occur immediately everywhere else in the app.
    • One step add: When adding people to an event, you no longer have to go through lists of contacts and groups. With this feature, you just type a letter or a word and all related contacts and groups will appear in a list for you to select from.
    • Swipe to delete: You can now swipe left to delete.
    • These updated features apply to contacts, agendas, agenda items, groups, events, hotels, feed and documents.
  • If you mark a hotel as preferred, you can now enter details about why the hotel is your preferred one.
  • You can now add a website link to your hotel page.
  • You can now add a website link to your event page.