July 26, 2017



  • When adding hotels to an event, the hotel list displays properly.
  • When you edit an event address, it will save the current address. It will no longer revert to the previous address.
  • The time zone will no longer display a null value when you are editing an event.
  • When creating a new travel itinerary, the address fields will not pull up previous searches.
  • Travel itineraries will not be created unless all required fields are completed.
  • Creating a hotel works properly.
  • In create and edit pages, required fields will be highlighted if they are not completed.
  • The calendar works properly.


Improvements & Changes

  • The daily view button on the calendar has been removed. The information now shows up on the monthly view. This means that when you click a date on the calendar, all the events, agendas and itineraries associated with that date will show up.
  • Alternative time zone names have been added.
  • When you select a location from the address list, the event time zone and itinerary time zone will automatically match the time zone of the location. If you type a location that is not from the address list, the time zone fields will become null. You will have to manually change them.
  • You can enter an address that does not appear in the search list.
  • You can now add a website link to your event page.
  • You can now add a website link to your hotel page.
  • If you mark a hotel as preferred, you can now enter details about why the hotel is your preferred one.
  • When you hover over a notification icon, you will see a description of what the icon means.