August 2, 2017



  • Hover text for notification icons have been fixed.
  • Field names will be visible when completing a travel itinerary.
  • You will see a message in the app when you mark a notification as read.
  • You will see a message in the app when you mark all your notifications as read.
  • In agenda items, the address links are activated and will open the location on the map.
  • When you select a document to be uploaded, the upload box will display the title of the selected document.
  • When you create a new account, you will receive a new user activation message in the app.
  • When you update your password, you will receive a password updated message in the app.
  • While creating your account, you will receive a PIN via text when you enter your mobile number.
  • The hotel name appears correctly in the travel segment page.
  • Editing your mobile number works properly now.


Improvements & Changes

  • The customer support link on the sign in page now directs to the current support site.