August 3, 2017



  • When an event is deleted, the notifications associated with that event will no longer be deleted with it.
  • Changes made in events are now reflected on the calendar.
  • The app will not crash when you delete an agenda item.
  • The app will not crash if you go to an event through the calendar and delete the event.
  • Push notification badges will no longer show up when you are logged out of the app.
  • Creating and saving a travel itinerary works properly now.
  • On the Help page, the "Legal" and "About Switch Four" links work properly now.
  • When you create a user account that already exists, the in app message that you receive will specifically state that the account already exists.


Improvements & Changes

  • The search entries will now be cleared every time you sign out.
  • You can now add multiple people to an event without having to reopen the “add user” modal every time a user is added.
  • The event planner and tenant administrator will no longer see disabled user accounts.