The agenda feature works specifically for events. You can create agendas to track meetings, discussions and appointments for an event.



  1. Go to an event page.
  2. Tap Agendas.
  3. Tap the Menu […] icon.
    • Tap Add agenda.
    • Enter the agenda name.
    • Tap Create.
  4. You can reorder agendas by:
    • tapping the menu button.
    • selecting edit agendas.
    • tapping and dragging the agendas.



  1. Go to the event page.
  2. Click the Agendas tab on the event page.
  3. Click Add Agenda.
    • Enter the Agenda Name.
    • You must create an agenda item along with the agenda.
    • Click Save.
  4. You can reorder agendas by clicking and dragging the arrow button.



  • You cannot import agendas into the app.
  • Agendas are ordered by creation time with the oldest agendas at the top.
  • You can reorder your agendas.
  • You can edit, duplicate, export and delete your agendas.