1. The calendar is located on the Home page. Every event that you create or are invited to will appear on the calendar.

2. The calendar also comes with a To Do List and a User Schedule.

3. The current date will blue. The current selected date will have a blue circle.

4. Dates with events and travel itinerary will have a green underline.

5. The To Do List contains important information about each event, such as unregistered attendees, event location, event documents, agendas and so on.

6. The User Schedule tracks your events, travel itinerary and agendas.

7. When you click a date on the Calendar, the User Schedule will display the events, travel itinerary and agendas that you have for that day.

8. You can click each segment to view more information about it.

9. Travel itinerary imported from Concur will have a "Match travel" button next to it.
10. When travel itinerary is imported to the User Schedule, it will have an orange banner.
11. When travel itinerary has been matched to an event, the orange banner will disappear.
12. When an event is canceled, the travel itinerary associated with the event will remain in the User Schedule.

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