1. Go to the Events page and click the "New Event" button.

2. Fill in the information for your event.

3. The Time zone will not be displayed if you provided an address on the previous page.

4. Select how hotel reservations will be managed.

5. If the event will have no hotel or if attendees will be responsible for their own hotel reservations, you will only be able to select up to 3 registration questions.

6. If you will be responsible for booking the hotel reservations, you will be able to select up to 5 registration questions.

7. The custom field will be determined by your Tenant Administrator. 

8. If you need to go back and change the information on a page, simply click the pencil icon next to the page name.

9. Once the event has been created, it will be in a draft form.

10. You will need to publish the event in order for attendees to access the event and receive notifications.

11. You can either make your event private or public.

12. You can also choose to make your attendee list hidden or visible. This can be changed later by editing the event.