In the Events tab, you can view your events and other public events. Anyone can create and manage their own events. When you create an event, you are designated as a Creator and Organizer. You can assign other people as Organizers of your event and this will allow them to manage the event for you.

  1. Go to the Events tab.
  2. Click New event.
  3. Complete the form fields.
    • Enter the event Name. [Required]
    • The event Visibility.
      • Private. [Default]
      • Public.
    • Enter the event Description.
    • Select how hotel reservations will be handled. The options are:
      • Users do not need to register for this event. [Attendees will not be asked to register for this event] [Default]
      • I will manage hotel reservations for attendees. [Attendees will be asked to submit hotel requests when they register]
      • Attendees will be responsible for their own reservations. [Attendees will only be when they plan to attend the event]
    • Enter the Venue name.
    • Enter the Venue address
    • Enter the Venue phone number.
    • Add additional event Notes.
    • Upload an event Image.
    • Select if it will be an All-day event. The default setting will be No.
    • Select the Start date and End date. [Required]
    • Time zone: If the app locates the address time zone from the event address you entered, the time zone box will not be visible. If the app was unable to locate the time zone from the address, the time zone box will be visible and it will be defaulted your current time zone. You can change this manually. [Required]
    • Select the Start time and End time. [This will only appear if the event is not an all-day event] [Required].
    • Click Save Event.


  • When you save the event, you will see an orange banner at the top of the screen that reads “This event is in a draft state. Attendees will not receive notifications until the event is live. Publish this event now”.
    • Click Publish this event now.
  • A box will appear. 
    • Click Publish this event.