In the People tab, you can view all your contacts and groups. The business administrator is the only person who can create, edit and disable user accounts. 



  1. Tap More.
  2. Tap People.
  3. Tap the Plus [+] button.
  4. Complete the form fields.
    • Enter the Email Address. [Required]
    • Tap Next.
    • Upload a Profile Picture.
    • Enter the First and Last name. [Required]
    • Enter a Title.
    • Enter an alternate email address, if needed.
    • Create a Password. [Required]
    • Confirm the password. [Required]
    • Select if you want to Prompt user to change password.
      • The user will not be able to sign into the account because they do not know what password the organizer created.
      • The user will only be able to sign in when they receive the email prompt to create a new password.
    • Enter the Mobile calling code. It will default to your location.
    • Enter a Mobile phone number. [Required]
    • Enter an Office calling code.
    • Enter an Office phone number.
    • Enter an Office extension number.
    • Select the Country.
    • Choose to enable email and/or mobile Notifications.
    • Select Roles to assign.
    • Select who the user Reports to.
    • Complete any custom form fields.
    • Tap Create.



  1. Click the People menu.
  2. Click Add Person at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Complete the form fields.
    • Enter the first and last name. [Required]
    • Upload a profile picture.
    • Enter the title.
    • Enter a primary email address. [Required]
    • Enter a secondary email address, if needed. If provided, all notifications will be sent to this address. This address will also be displayed on the profile instead of the primary email address.
    • Select a mobile phone calling code. You can type the name of a country to find it in the list. [Required]
    • Enter the mobile phone number. [Required]
    • Enter an office phone calling code.
    • Enter an office phone number.
    • Enter an extension number.
    • Select who the user reports to.
    • Select the language for the account. The options are English and Spanish. [Required]
    • Select the country of the account. You can type the name of a country to find it in the list.
    • Enable the change password button if you want the user to create a new password for themselves.
    • Enable the notification settings.
    • Create a password. [Required]
    • Confirm the password. [Required]
    • Complete any custom form fields.
      • These will be found in the additional information section.
    • Click Save.


  • You can only assign user roles after the account has been created.