There are User Roles and Event Roles

User roles relate to your abilities within the app. 

Event roles relate to your abilities within an event.


User Roles

  • General User
    • Can edit their own accounts.
    • Create and manage events.
    • Create and manage groups.
  • Business Administrator
    • Create and manage user accounts.
    • Can assign Business Administrator, Event Planner and Interface roles to users.
  • Event Planner
    • Create and manage hotels.
  • Tenant Administrator
    • Create and manage tenants.
    • Create and manage custom form fields.
    • Create and manage domains.
  • Interface User
    • Cannot log into the app.
    • This user will be more of a developer and will work on backend issues.
    • Push data into WorkTrip™.
    • Is only visible to the business administrator.
    • Cannot have any other role.
    • Cannot be added to events, groups, etc.


Event Roles

  • Organizer
    • The person who created the event will retain the title of creator but they will still be categorized as an organizer.
    • A user who is assigned to manage an event.
    • Has complete control over managing the event.
    • Can view and add other organizers.
    • Can remove themselves from an event (Unless they are the creator). When this is done, the organizer will no longer see the event in their event list unless they also happened to be an attendee.
    • A creator can remove other organizers from an event but an organizer cannot remove a creator from an event.
  • Attendee
    • A person invited to attend an event.
    • Can post comments, create personal travel itinerary and create change requests.
  • Viewer 
    • Has complete view of the event.
    • Is not considered an attendee but can post, like and reply to comments in the feed.
  • Contact
    • A person who has been designated as a contact for the event.
    • multiple people can be assigned as contacts.
    • Contacts can assign other people as contacts.
    • People assigned as contacts can also be attendees and organizers.