Things to know about event registration

  • Only a user invited as an event attendee will see the event registration box.
  • The creator/organizers will see the number of people who have not registered for the event in the To-Do list.
  • The creator/organizers will also see which attendees require hotels and which attendees declined the invitation.
  • When creating/editing the event, the creator can select what questions they want to ask the attendees during the registration.
  • If an attendee has not completed their registration, the creator/organizers can send registration reminders to them.
  • If an attendee declines an invite, the creator, the attendee and every organizer will receive a notification.
  • If an attendee changes their mind and wants to attend the event, the creator/organizer can resend the invitation.
  • The creator/organizers can register on behalf of the attendees.