Agenda items are subdivisions agendas. With agendas and agenda items, your attendees can stay up to date on the schedule for your event.

  1. Go to the event page.
  2. Click the Agendas tab.
  3. Click the Menu [...] button next to the agenda that you want to create the item for.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Add item.
  6. Complete the form fields.
    • Select the agenda Item Type.
    • Enter the Item Name. [Required]
    • Select if the item is an All-Day Event. [If selected, it will remove start time and end time]
    • Select the Start Date and Start Time.
    • Select the End Date and End Time.
    • Start and end dates will automatically match the event start and end dates.
    • Enter the Location Name.
    • Enter the Location Address.
    • State the Room where the function will occur.
    • Enter the Phone Number.
    • Enter additional Notes.
    • Click Save or Save + Duplicate.


  • Agenda items are automatically organized by start time, not by creation time. This means that if you created an item at 8am and the item starts at 2pm and you create a second item at 10am to start at 8am, the second item will automatically be moved above the first item because the start time of the second item occurs earlier than the start time of the first item.