1. Go to the Events tab.
  2. Click on the event you want to add your travel details to. 
  3. In the attendee travel details box, click View/Edit
  4. Click Add Travel Segment.
  5. Select Rental Car from the travel segments list.
  6. Complete the form fields.
    • Provide the rental company name.
    • Provide the rental company phone number.
    • Enter the confirmation number. [Required]
    • Select the pick up location. [Required]
    • Select the drop off location. [Required]
    • Select the pick up date and time. [Required]
    • Select the drop off date and time. [Required]
    • Select the pick up and drop off time zones. [Required]
      • The time zone fields will only be visible if the app was unable to locate the pick up and drop off location time zones.
    • Provide additional notes.
  7. Click Create.