When you create an event, you are automatically designated as the event contact. You can add other people as event contacts if you wish.

Adding Contacts

1. Click the Contacts tab.

2. Click the "Add Contacts" button.

3. You can either select an attendee or an organizer to become a contact or you can create someone who is not in the WorkTrip app.

4. If you are adding an attendee or an organizer as a contact, you can select a person from your list, assign a responsibility to the person and provide notes.

5. If you are adding someone who is not in WorkTrip, you will be able to provide whatever information you want for that person. 

6. Once a person has been added as a contact, you can edit the contact, assign a responsibility or remove the person as a contact by clicking the menu button.

*Note: You can assign multiple people as event contacts.

*Note: Event contacts will not receive event notifications unless they are also assigned to the event as an attendee, organizer or viewer.