Being able to export spreadsheets from your event to your computer is a vital part of the Worktrip app. While this may work for people with Mac computers, some people with Windows computers have been unable to open the exported spreadsheets. If you have experienced this problem, the steps below might help resolve your issue.

To open an event spreadsheet on a Windows computer:

  • Go to the event page.
  • In the People tab, click Export spreadsheet.
    • Select the spreadsheet that you want to export.
    • The spreadsheet will be saved to your Downloads folder as a .CSV file.
  • Launch Excel.
    • Create a Blank workbook. (1)
    • Click the Data tab.
    • Click the From Text button. (2)



  • An upload box will appear. (3)
    • Go to the Downloads folder.
    • Make sure that the filter on the bottom right is set to All files.
    • Select the spreadsheet


  • The Text import wizard box will appear. (4)
    • Step 1: select Delimited (under Original data type)
    • Step 2: select Comma
    • Step 3: click Finish


  • The Import Data box will appear. (5)
    • Click OK


  • This will import the spreadsheet into Excel.

If this does not work and you are still unable to open the spreadsheet, please contact customer support.