December 6, 2017


Improvements & Changes

  • Auto fill: if your Mac and IOS devices are registered to the same iCloud account, you will be able to use autofill for the username and password when signing in to the app.
  • Flight preview: when you create a flight itinerary, the flight preview will be available 6 hours before the flight and 6 hours after the flight.
  • Travel itinerary grouping: your travel segments will be grouped into Upcoming and Previous.
  • Video feature: you can now upload video files to the app as documents. Video files cannot exceed 10MB.
  • Registration notes: when you are registering for an event, you will be able to provide more notes and more information with your registration.
  • Past change requests: change requests cannot be deleted once they have been approved or denied.
  • Organizers tab: the organizers tab has been merged with the attendees and viewers. All three tabs will fall under the Manage people tab.
  • Registration navigation: you can now move backwards when registering for an event without losing your data. This will allow you to review the information that you have provided before submitting your registration.
  • Notification confirmation: you will now have to confirm that you are sending an event notification. This will prevent you from accidentally sending out event notifications to the wrong people.
  • Agenda item details: the agenda item location has been replaced by the agenda item room.
  • Attendee list search bar: the search bar on the attendee list will not be visible until attendees have been added to the event.
  • Notification delete button: the delete button on the notification page has been redesigned.
  • Registration text: text in the registration process has been updated.
  • Notifications grouping: notifications on the notification page will be grouped based on how long ago they were sent, ex. Today, Yesterday, Month, etc.
  • Document upload: you can now upload documents from within the app. Only iOS 11 users will have this feature. The feature currently only works with the Files folder on iOS.



  • Registration banner works properly.
  • In the travel details page, tapping an itinerary will show you more information about it.
  • The segment matching screen clearly identifies the itinerary for the events that you are attending.
  • The issue that required you to tap on a form field twice to navigate to it has been resolved.
  • The change requests dates work properly now.
  • Typos on the event page have been fixed.
  • Submitting your username with spaces after it will no longer cause authentication failure.
  • Registration bugs have been fixed.
  • Pulling to refresh a page works properly now.
  • Uploading documents in the .pptx, .docx and .xslx file formats works properly now.
  • When you select not to attend an event, the event will be removed from your event list immediately.
  • Marking notifications as Read works properly now.
  • When you add yourself as an attendee to an event that you created or organize, the event information will update properly.
  • Custom form field values are visible now.