December 13, 2017


Features & Changes

  • Font size and color: the font size and color in the app has been adjusted to be more legible.
  • Registration reminder alert: if you click the registration reminder button and all attendees have already registered, you will receive an alert.
  • Event notification confirmation: when sending registration reminders and event notifications, a confirmation box will appear, prompting you to confirm the action.
  • No registration needed: you now have the option to disable event registration for the events that you create.
  • Event attendance: event attendance dates will default to match event start and end dates.
  • Agenda item date and time:
    • Agenda item start date will default to event start date.
    • Agenda item end date will default to event start date.
    • Agenda item start time will default to 8 AM.
    • Agenda item end time will default to 9AM.
  • Change requests: if you have been assigned multiple hotels for an event, you can now create change requests for each hotel.
  • Event list for feed post: when posting a comment to the feed, you can now select from a list of all the events that you have been assigned to within a certain time period.
  • Search by event location: you can now filter events in the event list by searching for the event location.




  • The dates for travel itinerary imported from Concur will appear properly.
  • The calendar works properly now.
  • The link to the Legal page has been fixed.
  • The People filter on the event page works properly now.
  • New account activation process works properly now.
  • Hotel booking dates work properly now.
  • Links can now be opened with Internet Explorer.
  • You will no longer get an error message when you decline an event invitation.
  • The user schedule on the home page works properly now.
  • Posting an image in the feed works properly now.
  • Attendance, check-in, check-out and itinerary dates appear properly now.
  • Copy and pasting email addresses to add people to an event works properly now.

Disclaimer: Concur is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc.