December 21, 2017


Features & Changes

  • Requires hotel status: when registration is not required for an event or attendees are responsible for their own hotel reservations, the Requires hotel status text will not be displayed. [See screenshot]
  • Event attendance default values: before a user registers, the default values for event attendance are Attending and Needs hotel.
  • Attendee event hotel: the event hotel section in the attendee list will only be visible if the creator/organizer is managing hotel reservations for attendees.
  • Bulk hotel assign: attendees who have stated that they do not need a hotel reservation will not be included in the bulk hotel assignment list.
  • Event role badges: if you are the event creator and you add yourself as an organizer, only the creator badge will be displayed. This is because both roles have the same permissions but the creator role supersedes the organizer role.
  • Attendee filter: attendees can now be filtered by
    • Not attending
    • Unregistered [will only be visible if registration is required]
    • Requires hotel [will only be visible if organizer is managing hotel reservations]
    • Everyone
  • Search bar: a search bar has been added to the attendee, organizer and viewer lists.
  • Groups empty state: if you have not created any groups or are not a member of any groups, the group page will be empty. The message displayed on the page has been updated:
        “You currently have no groups.
        Create personal groups of people that can be quickly added to events.”
  • Requires hotel: if you register for an event where the organizer is not managing hotel reservations and then the organizer decides to manage reservations at a later point, the hotel fields will be displayed in the attendee list.
  • Profile documents empty state: if you have not uploaded any documents to your profile, the documents section will be empty. The message displayed in the section has been updated:
        “No documents have been added.
        Documents can be text, images, or .pdfs.”
  • Change event status: a change event status button will now appear for users who have not yet registered for the event. This will allow the organizer to register the users for the event.
  • Event user list sorting: The Attendees, Organizers and Viewers lists will now sort users alphabetically by their last name.




  • When registration is not required for an event, changing your attendance status works fine now.
  • The export spreadsheet button on the attendee list will no longer vanish when registration is not required for the event.
  • When you create an agenda item, the start and end dates will save correctly now.
  • When you create a travel segment, the start and end times will save correctly now.
  • When viewing your change request, the selected dates will be visible now.
  • If your event is not an all day event, the start and end times will be displayed.
  • When you create a group, it will now be displayed immediately in the groups list when you are searching for groups.
  • When you create a travel segment for rental car, the phone will now be visible.
  • The event attendance box will display all the information fields every time it is opened.
  • The start and end dates will appear on agendas and agenda items.
  • When you create a new event, the event page will appear normal and will no longer be broken.
  • Custom form fields will now appear on event and profile pages.
  • Copy and pasting email addresses to add people to an event or group works now.
  • Email links no longer lead to an invalid or blank screen.