January 3, 2018


Features & Changes

  • Hotel reservation fields: the hotel reservation fields have been changed from “Check-in” and “Check-out” to “From” and “To”.
  • Event contacts: the event contacts feature has been added to the app. You can now designate specific people as contacts for your event.
  • Address location page: when looking up an address, the empty state of the page will display the following message:
    “Search by location name or exact address.”
  • Agenda duplicate: you can now duplicate agendas for your event.
  • Create event for new segments: when your travel segment is imported from an external travel provider, you will now be able to either match the segment to an existing event or quickly create a new event for the segment.
  • Attendee sort: attendees will now be sorted by last name.
  • Offline viewing: if your phone is in airplane mode or you are unable to connect to a network, the app will now pull cached data from the database. This means that you can view the following information while offline:
    • Event hotel list
    • Attendee travel details
    • Hotel detail
    • Agenda list
    • Agenda item list
    • User detail
    • Travel segment detail
    • Attendee registrations
    • Change requests



  • The link to the legal page redirects to the correct page now.
  • When hotel reservations for an event are changed after people have registered, their event status will update properly to match the corresponding hotel reservation status.