January 17, 2018


Features & Changes

  • Attendee sort: attendees will be sorted alphabetically by their last names in the attendee list.
  • Agenda duplicate: you can now duplicate agendas for your event.
  • Change request label: when you create a change request, the “Pending” label will appear next to your travel itinerary on the travel details page.
  • Event hotel assignment: you can now assign multiple hotels to an attendee and edit the hotel information for each attendee, all from the attendee list.
  • Hotel reservation notification: attendees will receive notifications when the organizer changes the hotel reservation status for the event.
  • “Cancel” button: when adding people to an event or group, the “Cancel” button will now display as “Close”.
  • Self-activation process: the Sign up button has been removed from the sign in page. The Business Administrator will be responsible for creating new user accounts.
  • Event date and time: if an event is a same day event with different times, the date will be displayed once along with the start and end times.
  • Attendee list: if an attendee is not an organizer, they should not see attendees who are not attending the event.
  • Attendee count: when a user declines an event invite, the attendee count for that event now updates accordingly.



  • The bug that caused public events to occasionally not be displayed has been fixed.
  • If you are not assigned to a public event, you will still be able to view the event organizer and attendees.
  • The amenities icons no longer appear as broken image links.
  • As an event attendee, you can now see the room and phone number fields on agenda items.
  • Hotel names on the change requests page appear properly now.
  • You are now redirected to an event when you click the email notification link.
  • The hotel times on the travel details page are displayed properly now.
  • The registration filter is only being displayed for event organizers now.
  • You can no longer assign a hotel to an attendee who has selected that they do not require a hotel.
  • The empty state for the event attendee list has been fixed.
  • When sending a registration reminder, the confirmation box now displays the correct number of attendees who are going to receive the notification.
  • The app no longer crashes when you decline an event invitation.
  • Your travel details will be displayed in the To-Do list even if the event does not require a registration.
  • The links in the To-Do list redirect to the correct pages when clicked.
  • Hotel check-in and check-out dates are displayed properly now.
  • You can now save and duplicate an agenda without having to create an agenda item.
  • Copying and pasting email addresses to add people to an event works properly now.