January 19, 2018


Features & Changes

  • Event hotel assignment: you can now assign multiple hotels to an attendee and edit the hotel information for each attendee, all from the attendee list.
  • Event status: when a person has not yet registered for an event, their event status will be displayed as “Needs to Register”.
  • Agenda duplicate: when you duplicate an agenda, you will immediately be taken to the edit page for the new agenda.
  • Hotel reservation status: when you change the hotel reservation status for your event, the event status of your attendees will update accordingly.
  • Flight itinerary on calendar: when you are viewing your flight itinerary in your user schedule, the departure date will only appear on the departure day and not on the arrival day.
  • Change request status: every time an attendee creates a change request for a hotel, they will only see the status of the most recent request for that hotel.
  • Agenda times: the agenda start and end times will be automatically updated when a change is made to an agenda item.
  • New sign in screen: a new sign in screen has been developed.
  • Agenda item location name: the location name has been added to agenda items.



  • The calendar no longer repeats the same dates when you scroll between months.
  • The event registration banner no longer appears multiple times.
  • The time zone feature works properly for users in different time zones.
  • Marking all notifications as read or unread works properly now.
  • The SSO toggle is now visible when editing user accounts.
  • Event registration works properly now.