February 1, 2018


Features & Changes

  • Hotel check-in and check-out dates: an attendee cannot request same day check-in and check-out for hotels. Only the organizer can assign same day check-in and check-out.
  • Address still appears without map: if the geocode and the map are missing, the address will still be visible.



  • when an attendee indicates that they are not attending the event, they will not be counted among the number of attendees.
  • The registration banner is no longer visible when you register for the event.
  • When you create a new agenda, the number of agendas is automatically updated.
  • When you delete an agenda item, the agenda item list automatically updates.
  • Marking notifications as read and unread works properly now.
  • When you add a confirmation number, it appears immediately.
  • When an attendee is re-invited to an event, the event role badge and travel details page will be visible to them.
  • The attendee list displays the correct number of attendees for both organizers and attendees.
  • The event address now pinpoints the exact location on the map.
  • You will no longer receive an error message when you make changes to your registration information.
  • The change request page now displays the correct dates to the organizer.
  • If you re-invite an attendee that original declined the event invite, the attendee count will update to include the attendee.