"Concur has just delivered my travel segments to WorkTrip. What do I do now?"

  • When WorkTrip pulls your travel segments from Concur, we will attempt to match the segments to the appropriate event.
  • The travel segments will be displayed in your user schedule and your calendar.
  • If we are unable to match your travel segments to an event, it will have a button that reads Match Travel.
    • Click the Match Travel button.
    • This will allow you to connect your travel segment to the appropriate event.

"Can my event organizer handle my travel segments on Concur? "

  • When WorkTrip pulls travel segments from Concur, it matches it to users with the corresponding Concur username.
    • If your WorkTrip username does not match your Concur username, please contact your Business Administrator so that they can change it.
    • When your Business Administrator sets up your Concur username on your profile, all of your travel segments from Concur will be matched to your account.
  • Only the Business Administrator can view and edit a person's Concur username on their profile.
  • In order for your event organizer to manage your travel itinerary through Concur, they would also need to be your Business Administrator.

Disclaimer: Concur is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc.