The calendar allows you to keep track of your events and agendas. With the calendar, you can plan your schedule effectively and stay up to date on current and future events.

When you tap a date on the calendar, this is what your schedule will look like:

  • Events:
    • The event name.
    • The event start date and end date.
  • Agenda items:
    • The item name.
    • The item start time/date and end time/date.
    • The event that the item belongs to.
  • Hotel:
    • The hotel name.
    • The check-in date and check-out date.
    • The hotel address.
  • Flight:
    • The departure airport/city and arrival airport/city.
    • The departure time.
    • The airline name and flight number.
  • Rental car:
    • The rental company name.
    • The rental start time and end time.
    • The confirmation number.


  • Tap any of the schedule items to go to the event that they are associated with.
  • Tap the Today button to return to the current day.
  • Dates with events will have dots underneath them.
  • Travel itineraries imported from an external travel provider (ex. Concur) will have a Match travel button next to them.
  • When you click the Match travel button, you will be able to assign the travel itinerary to an event that you are attending or create a new event for the itinerary.

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