1. On the event page, tap the menu button.

2. Tap the "Send Notification" button.

3. You can either select a group or create a custom group.

4. The groups displayed will be Attendees, Organizers & Creator and Viewers.

5. Tap a group to select it and then tap the "Next" button. You can select multiple groups.

6. If you want to send a message to just a couple specific people, tap the "Create custom group" button.

7. Tap the people that you want to send the message to and then tap the "Next" button.

8. Type your message.

9. If you want to receive a copy of the message, enable the "Send me a copy" toggle.

10. Tap the "Send" button when you are done.

11. The number of people who will receive the message will be displayed.

12. Confirm by tapping the send notification button.