Event Organizer Perspective

  • If you select a hotel for the event, it will not be automatically assigned to the attendees. You still have to go to the event page and assign the hotel to the attendees.
  • Event Page View:
    • Attendees who have completed their registration will have the word “Attending” underneath their name.
    • You will also see which attendees require hotels and which attendees declined the invitation.
  • When you are creating/editing the event, you can select how you want hotel reservations to be managed.
    • If you select to manage hotel bookings for attendees, you will have to add a hotel to the event.
    • If you select for attendees to manage their own hotel reservations, you will not be able to add a hotel to the event. Attendees will be able to edit their hotel itinerary whenever they want without having to submit a change request.
    • You will also have the option to disable event registration for your event. If registration is disabled, there will be no options for event hotels.
  • If an attendee has not completed their registration, you can send registration reminders to them.
  • Event decline:
    • If an attendee declines an invite, the attendee will receive a notification.
    • If an attendee changes their mind and wants to attend an event, you can add them back to the list of attendees. The attendee will then complete the event registration form.


  • Only a user invited as an event attendee will see the event registration box.
  • The organizer can register the attendee for the event through the Attendance panel. The attendee can also register for the event through this panel but they will not be able to provide as much information as they would through the registration walkthrough.