The feed feature is connected to events. Every comment and discussion about an event can be found in the feed. The feed is user specific which means that you will only see comments for the events that you create or have an event role in. There are two ways to view the feed, on the Feed page and on an event page.


As an event attendee, you can:

  • View comments and images in the feed.
  • Post a comment to the feed.
  • Delete your own comment.
  • Post an image to the feed.
  • Write a reply to a comment.
  • LikeĀ a comment.



  • Event organizers can delete any comment in the feed of their events.
  • If you post a comment to an event that has already ended, you will still receive notifications for likes and replies.
  • When an event is deleted, all the posts in the event feed will be deleted from the general feed page.
  • If your account is deactivated, your posts will remain in the feed.