The change request feature allows users to request changes for hotel reservations that were assigned to them by the event organizer. Because it is a request, it can either be accepted or denied.



  1. Go to the event page.
  2. Tap Change request.
  3. There are two tabs, Current and History.
    • Current will show you all pending change requests.
    • History will show you all previous change requests.
  4. In the current tab, select the change request you want to respond to.
  5. You will see the original reservation and the new reservation that is being requested.
  6. You can change the arrival and departure dates, hotel and confirmation number.
  7. You can either Approve or Deny the request.
  8. Once you approve or deny the request, it will be moved from the current tab to the history tab.
  9. If an attendee is removed from an event, the change requests that they created will remain in the change request records.