There are two types of roles in the app, Event roles and User roles.

Event Roles

1. Creator

  • The person who created the event.
  • Has complete control over the event.
  • Cannot be removed from the event.
  • Can assign and remove attendees, event contacts, organizers and viewers.

2. Organizer

  • A user who is assigned to manage an event.
  • Has complete control over managing the event.
  • Cannot remove themselves from an event but can be removed by the creator and other organizers.

3. Attendee

  • A person invited to attend an event.
  • Can post comments, create personal travel itinerary and create change requests.

4. Viewer

  • Has complete view of the event.
  • Is not considered an attendee but can post, like and reply to comments in the feed.

5. Contact (No assigned badge)

  • Will be listed as a contact for the event.
  • People assigned to the event will be able to reach out to this person for assistance.

User Roles

1. General user (No assigned badge)

  • Create and manage events.
  • Create and manage groups.
  • Can edit their own profile accounts.
  • Create and edit hotels.

2. Business administrator

  • Create and manage user accounts.
  • Can assign business administrator, risk manager and interface roles to users.
  • Manage hotels.

3. Interface

  • This user will be more of a developer and will work on backend issues.
  • Push data into WorkTrip™.
  • Is only visible to the business administrator.
  • Cannot have any other role.
  • Cannot be added to events, groups, etc.
  • Cannot log into the app.

4. Risk Manager

  • Can view the flight travel of every user.
  • Monitors the travel risk of locations as determined by the State Department.
  • Alerts users of cautious travel areas.