Registering for an event

  • Go to the event page.
  • At the top of the page, you will see a message:
    Are you attending?
    [Yes] [No]
    • If you select [Yes], the Event Registration process will begin.
    • If you select [No], the Not Attending process will begin.

Event Registration Process

  • When are you attending this event?
    Dates will be shared with other attendees so they know when to expect you.
    [Arrival Date] [Departure Date]
    • Arrival and departure dates will automatically match event start and end dates.
    • Departure date must always be after the arrival date.
  • Are you driving or flying?
    This will let the organizer know how you’ll get to the event.
    [Driving] [Flying]
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    • You can only select one option.
  • Do you need a hotel reservation?
    Booking requests will not be seen by other attendees.
    [Yes] [No]
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    • This will only be visible if the event Creator/Organizer has selected to manage hotel reservations for attendees.
  • When do you need a hotel?
    [Check-in-Date] [Check-out-Date]
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    • This will only be visible if you selected [Yes] for hotel reservation.
    • Check-in and Check-out dates will automatically match your arrival and departure dates.
    • Check-in and Check-out dates cannot be the same day.
    • Check-out date must always be after the Check-in date.
  • Notes for the Organizer
    Please let the organizer know of any dietary restrictions or special requests for your hotel stay.
    [Enter Notes]
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  • Summary
    Attendance dates
    Travel option
    Hotel dates
  • Notes for the organizer
    <Back   [Complete]
    • You can go back and make edits to your registration information.
    • When you tap the [Complete] button, your registration information will be submitted.

Not Attending Process

  • Notes for the Organizer
    Please let the Organizer know why you’re unable to attend this event.
    [Enter Notes]
  • Confirm you’re not attending
    Once you confirm you’re not attending, you’ll lose access to this event unless the organizer adds you back as an attendee, or you’re already an organizer or viewer.
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