Users of the WorkTrip™ app will span across the country and even outside of the country and this can make it difficult to organize events with people in different time zones. The time zone feature has been created to allow users to select what time zone events will take place. This will allow attendees and organizers to better manage their time and plan accordingly.

As the event organizer, you will find the time zone feature in the event create/edit page and the travel segments create/edit page. Below is a list of how the time zone works:

  • When you enter a location from the address list, the time zone will automatically update to match the time zone of the selected location.
  • The time zone field will only be visible if it is unable to determine the time zone of the location that was entered.
  • If the time zone feature is unable to detect the time zone of the selected location, you will have to manually select the time zone for the event location.

*Note: the start and end times will always be displayed in the event time zone. This means that if a user is in New York and an Event is in China, the start and end time on the event page, calendar, to do list and user schedule will all be displayed in the Chinese time zone.

Time zone and your mobile calendar

When you export an event to the calendar on their mobile device, the time zone of the event will change to match whatever time zone you are currently in. 

For example, if Bonnie lives in Los Angeles and creates an event in Los Angeles, the time zone will be set in pacific time. If Clyde lives in New York and he is added as an attendee to Bonnie’s event, the event time that he will see will be in pacific time. But, if Clyde exports the event to the calendar on his mobile device, the calendar will update the event times to eastern time. This will allow Clyde to stay on track with Bonnie’s event without having to worry about the time conversion between time zones.