In order to create a new account, you need to use a valid email address. But what exactly qualifies as a valid email address? 

A valid email address is one that has a registered domain.

For example, is a registered domain, so any email address with the domain will be considered valid. If a domain like has not been registered with the app, you will not be able to use an email address with to create an account.

How do you register a domain?

Only a tenant administrator can register a domain. When the tenant administrator registers a domain, any email address with that domain name can be used to create an account.

But my email domain has not been registered, what do I do?

If your email domain has not been registered and you don't want to wait for the tenant administrator, you can use the secondary email feature. 

For example, if your email is and is not a registered domain, you can use a nonexistent email address for the primary email. You can enter in the primary email field because is a registered domain and then enter your real email, in the secondary email field. The primary email will grant you access to the app but all emails will be forwarded to your secondary email.