You can create tasks either in an event or in the global view.

Creating and managing tasks in an event

  • You can edit the title and description after the task has been created.
  • You can post comments to the task.
  • If you create a task in an event, you cannot change the task event unless you go to the global task view.

  • When you create a task, you are automatically assigned as an owner.
  • You can search for and add other people as owners on your task.
  • There must always be an owner on a task, the last owner cannot be removed.

  • You can select a due date for your task.
  • You can also create reminders that will be sent to all task owners.
  • Removing the due date will also remove all task reminders.

  • You can set the priority of the task to low, medium or high.

  • You can set the status of your to open, in progress or complete.

Creating and managing tasks in the global view

  • In the global view, you can change the task event and assign the task to a different event.